Need to find ways to create content remotely or include key personnel from afar?
We have simple, reliable and secure solutions that will help enable you to shoot while keeping crew to a minimum and the shooting process simple.

- Stream high-res, low latency video from your cameras directly from set to your Crew, Client, Agency & Execs.

- Use our Cellular Gateways to augment your location's internet or create robust, reliable connectivity for your production's DIT/DMT/Video Assist & Playback crew.
- Move data directly from your set to post.
- Direct and interact with talent remotely over video with virtually no latency.

- Connect your camera and lights remotely and control their functionality.
- Have talent use a simple app to create content at home that you can access almost immediately.

- Create connectivity out of thin air on remote locations with our VSAT Flyaway Satellite Solution.

Contact us by email at: or give us a call at: Toronto 416-617-3349 or Los Angeles 213-788-2221 to start building your creative connectivity solution.



First Mile Technologies provides business to business integrated connectivity by blending existing traditional and low orbit satellite, cellular, fibre and internet networks. We achieve this through our own innovative patented technologies where we enable our customers to transport live video and large scale data with speed, security and reliability. We will re-think how you will move your rights managed content (and metadata) in real time.  

Our mission "creative connectivity solutions for the future" is inspired by our innovative backbone. Provided by our specialist team, who's knowledge of the industry enables us to develop new and exciting ways to connect people to their data. 

Our 5 core values are our mantra. We live and work by these values:

Collective Collaboration

Forward Thinking

Respect for People


Family First


First Mile Technologies

Toronto 416-617-3349

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